In the past, the most popular sport in Vietnam was “vo thuât” (martial art), because wars made people eager to learn and develop techniques of self protection and combat.
Nowadays, in Vietnam, people are becoming more and more interested in practising ancient martial arts. They find out that scholars, medical practitioners, military strategists, boxing experts, philosophers, have brought, for ages, “vo-thuât” into a wide cultural sphere. They regard it as a result of a conscious combination of sport, philosophical ideas, and medical theory. They begin to understand that “vo thuat” can be used for many purposes : physical exercise, self-protection, health building, life enhancement and leisure. Morever practising martial art doesn’t need to have expensive equipment, either to go to fashionable fitness centres. Only casual clothes and public places suit to vo-thuât performers.
The Vietnamese martial arts are divided into two groups : the Fire and the Water. The first one thinks that you must use muscular force , and the second one prefers internal energy.
Schools of Fire style as Vietvodao, Qwankido, Tinhvodao are wellknown abroad. The Water health building Thuy Phap has launched his first overseas training course since 2002 in Belgium.
What is Thuy Phap ? How can it fit Western people ? How does it work ? Is it similar to Tai Chi ? How can it strengthen your endurance and wellbeing ? How does it make you feel at ease and more confident ? Why is its growth so slow ?

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